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XS Power Batteries are known for their top of the line performance and for producing the most powerful batteries on the market.

The auxiliary power source provided by the XS Power Batteries are ideal for commercial/fleet, emergency lighting/alarms, communication systems, as well as any other uninterruptible power supply need. XS Power Batteries are molded from rugged ABS reinforced plastic for a shock and vibration resistant construction, while employing a heavy duty pure lead grid design. 

Features and Benefits

RV’s have unique power demands that make high quality and reliable batteries a must. From off grid overlanding to full time park life, the right battery is absolutely essential to comfortable living.

XS Power offers multiple battery designs to ensure necessary power is available at a moment’s notice.

From lead acid AGM, to lithium and capacitors, choosing the right energy storage solution can be overwhelming chore. XS Power makes the process easy with full time customer service, and support to help you through the selection process.  

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