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Fall Apparel Now Available!

Fall is right around the corner, get your XS Power gear now.

It’s been a long, hot summer, and your t-shirt wardrobe has seen better days. With fall just around the corner, it’s time for a few upgrades and additions and XS Power is here to help!

XS Power has several designs to choose from and sizes ranging from Small up to 3XL. Not only that, but XS Power carries a ton of other merchandise, and we’ve got all of your poster, banner, decals, koozie, etc needs covered. Quantities are limited so act now! Get it here.








Be sure check out our entire line of apparel and merchandise at xspowerbatteries.com

D4700, D4800 and D4900


The XS Power D4700, D4800, and D4900 are our direct fit, OEM replacement for most European models and are available for shipping today.

XS Power added these three models to the D Series lineup for starting and secondary power demands. By adding these three popular battery sizes to our line, we’ve greatly expanded XS Power’s direct replacement options to include many of today’s most popular customized vehicles. The D4700, D4800, and D4900 are direct fit replacement batteries for many Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Bens, GM, Jaguar, and other model vehicles.


The D4700 is a BCI Group 47 battery commonly referred to as the L2, which is a small size battery that fits many small sedans.  It’s capable of 2,900 Max Amps, and BCI rated at 745 CA.  The D4800 is a BCI Group 48 battery known as the L3, which is common for mid-size sedans and SUV’s.  It is designed to produce over 3,000 Max Amps and is BCI rated at 815 CA. The D4900 is a BCI Group 49 battery referred to as the L5 that is direct fit for many larger luxury sedans and SUV’s with excessive electronic systems. This battery is capable of 4,000 Max Amps and is BCI rated at 1075 CA.

All three of these new batteries, along with our entire product line-up for 2015, are available now. Contact your sales rep or your local dealer for for more  details.