New for 2013 D4700, D4800, and D4900

XS Power introduces three new popular direct fit European batteries to the D Series lineup.  The D4700, D4800, and D4900 will be available for order at the November 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV.


XS Power has added three new models to the D Series lineup for starting and secondary power demands.  The D4700, D4800, and D4900 are direct fit replacement batteries for many Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Bens, GM, Jaguar, and other model vehicles. Adding these batteries to the line expands XS Power’s direct replacement options to include many of today’s most popular customized vehicles.


The D4700 is a BCI Group 47 battery commonly referred to as the L2, which is a small size battery that fits many small sedans.  It’s capable of 2,900 Max Amps, and BCI rated at 745 CA.  The D4800 is a BCI Group 48 battery known as the L3, which is common for mid-size sedans and SUV’s.  It is designed to produce over 3,000 Max Amps and is BCI rated at 815 CA.  The D4900 is a BCI Group 49 battery referred to as the L5 that is direct fit for many larger luxury sedans and SUV’s with excessive electronic systems.  This battery is capable of 4,000 Max Amps and is BCI rated at 1075 CA.


All three of these new batteries, along with the other new products for 2013, will be available at SEMA 2012 in the XS Power Mobile Audio booth (11783).  Make sure to come by to see all the new products and take advantage of the SEMA Show specials offered to all of our dealers and distributors.

Trippi’s Monster H2 Featured on Car Audio and Electronics

Congratulations to Trippi Congo for getting his H2 featured by Car Audio and Electronics. This is one epic build that just keeps growing. Trippi, Show Time SPL, and Pulse Car Audio have done some amazing work, and Car Audio and Electronics have brought you the story of the Trippi Monster H2

Huge Car Audio Build Trippi Congo’s H2 Build

Follow Ed from Show Time SPL as he completes the Trippi Congo H2 build. The H2 is getting a total interior make over with more than 100 speakers getting installed!!!

Ipad 3G 64g
Eclipse head unit
Rockford amps..(12) 2500s, 8- 1000s and (3) 600.2s
Rockford 360.2
SMD Subs..(6) 18 dual 1s
Beyma Mid Range..(40) 6.5s
Beyma Midbass..(4) 10s
Kicker Tweeters…(40) 1 inch
XS Power Batteries..(20) D1400 14 volt
Iraggi Alternators..(4) 300 amp
Second Skin & Dynamat
Custom dash & seats

You can find the complete build thread at Steve Meade Designs and make sure to check out Ed’s build update videos.

Video #1
Video #2

XS Power teams up with MECA for 2010 season.

Kirk Proffitt with his winning system

XS Power and Mobile Electronics Competition Association (MECA) Team Up for the 2010 season. 2010 will feature more than 150 MECA events in the US. MECA has the only legitimate State Champions program in car audio sports, for our SPL and SQL competitors.

Everyone should come out and attend a local MECA event this year. There is fun to be had by all no matter if you are competing or just enjoying the atmosphere.