SEMA 2016

We made the through the road trip to #LasVegas and are all setup, #SEMA2016 finally starts today! Come by booth #12061 to see all we have new for 2016 and see #ProjectCTSV just look for the giant battery! Stay posted here and on our blog for all the action.



Photo Nov 02, 4 12 22 PM

Photo Nov 02, 4 16 54 PM

Nice look at our IntelliSUPPLY keeping #ProjectCTSV all charged up for #SEMA2016

Photo Nov 02, 4 16 37 PM

Photo Nov 02, 4 15 42 PM

Photo Nov 02, 4 15 22 PM

Photo Nov 02, 4 15 16 PM

Photo Nov 02, 4 14 35 PM

Photo Nov 02, 4 14 17 PM

Photo Nov 02, 4 13 56 PM

Black Moon Products makes incredible parts! Big thanks.

Photo Nov 02, 4 13 07 PM

Photo Nov 02, 4 12 29 PM

Big thanks goes out to Trax Customs on the logo etched Oracle Lights for the headlights!

Photo Nov 02, 3 52 50 PM Photo Nov 02, 3 51 48 PM Photo Nov 02, 3 51 39 PM Photo Nov 02, 3 56 44 PM Photo Nov 02, 3 55 13 PM Photo Nov 02, 3 53 00 PM (1)

Great work by Daniel Gonzales on his #Ironcore350

Photo Nov 01, 1 36 06 PM

Photo Nov 01, 1 42 49 PM

Scottie having a serious talk with Farmtruck!

Photo Nov 01, 1 14 23 PM

#Savannalittleracing is here and representing!

Photo Nov 01, 1 06 22 PM

Photo Nov 01, 1 06 06 PM

Photo Nov 01, 1 07 15 PM

Photo Nov 01, 1 06 59 PM

Photo Nov 01, 1 06 51 PM

Photo Nov 01, 1 01 22 PM


Photo Nov 01, 1 01 12 PM

Photo Nov 01, 1 22 41 PM

Photo Nov 01, 1 34 37 PM

Photo Nov 01, 1 34 22 PM

Photo Nov 01, 1 34 18 PM

Photo Nov 01, 1 34 02 PM

Photo Nov 01, 1 33 52 PM

Photo Nov 01, 1 28 39 PM

Photo Nov 01, 11 06 28 AM

Photo Nov 01, 11 07 23 AM

Photo Nov 01, 11 06 23 AM

Photo Nov 01, 9 13 36 AM Photo Nov 01, 9 13 49 AM


Bright and early start! Vegas here we come.




Photo Oct 28, 10 30 50 AM


Photo Oct 27, 6 28 38 PM


Photo Oct 28, 12 02 01 PM


Photo Oct 30, 1 26 34 PM

Photo Oct 29, 5 12 48 PM

Photo Oct 29, 5 12 52 PM

Photo Oct 30, 2 23 04 PM

Photo Oct 31, 10 30 11 AM (1)

Photo Oct 31, 1 30 55 PM

Photo Oct 31, 1 31 15 PM

Photo Oct 31, 1 31 04 PM

On the move!

Photo Oct 31, 1 32 00 PM (1)

Photo Oct 31, 1 32 08 PM (1)

Photo Oct 31, 1 47 37 PM


Photo Oct 31, 3 56 56 PM Photo Oct 31, 4 34 10 PM

Photo Oct 31, 3 57 50 PM

Photo Oct 31, 3 57 45 PM

Photo Oct 31, 3 57 22 PM


Finally all set up and unhooked the rig!

PRI 2015



Indianapolis here we come, and we’re bringing a few surprises.

As the weather turns cold in much of the country, the automotive performance world is heating up for the annual Performance Racing Industry show. Held each year in Indianapolis, a Graceland for gear heads, the PRI show is December 10-12 at the Indiana Convention Center and features everything needed to go fast. XS Power Batteries will be on hand with some exciting new products, as well as John “Baron” Gentry’s Cutlass from the Discovery Channel show, “Street Outlaws”. PRI is an industry show that brings the most brilliant and talented individuals together. Come see us in Indy, and be sure to watch the XS Power social media outlets for all of the amazing things to be seen at the show.



Be sure to come by booth to see what’s new for 2016!


Hot August Nights



For nearly 30 years Reno, Nevada has been the place to be for anyone with a passion for art on four wheels!  “Hot August Nights” started in 1986 and has grown into a premier car show for hot rods, customs, and all manner of cool classics. XS Power is proud to work with the amazing group of people with Summit Racing in the Big Boy’s Toy Store. The action is just getting started, so be sure to come out and see us from August 4-9 at Hot August Nights!

















This has been a great week here in Reno. See you again next year for Hot August Nights 2016!


Throwdown in K-Town!


On October 23rd and 24th, the fastest Outlaw 275 Drag Radial cars in the world are coming to Knoxville to fight it out for cash and prizes at the XS Power Throwdown in K-Town!  Proudly sponsored by XS Power, the Throwdown in K-Town will be held in beautiful Maynardville, Tennessee at the Knoxville Dragway and feature Lyons Custom Motorsports Outlaw 275 Guaranteed $5000 to the winner, HD Performance and Parts Radial Renegade Guaranteed $5000 to the winner, Adams Automotive and Performance Street Bandit, Stick, and Stock as well as 4,70. 5.30. 6.0. and 7.0 classes.  Such racer’s as Tim Kincaid, Mustang Mike Modeste, and David “Little Evil” Pearson will put bragging rights on the line to prove who’s fastest through the 1/8th mile.

OVPF2307Photo: Tabitha Sizemore Car: John Warren


XS Power will be on hand to offer support for racers, and the opportunity to test 12, 14, and 16 volt batteries for the quickest setup. Be sure to follow XS Power Batteries Throwdown In K-Town presented by Clapp It Up Promotions on Facebook, and as always Twitter and Instagram for all of the action.

OVPF3620Photo: Tabitha Sizemore Car: Andy Warren
osca1462Photo: Tabitha Sizemore
OVPF3620Photo: Tabitha Sizemore
973Photo: Tabitha Sizemore
1131Photo: Tabitha Sizemore
OSCA120Photo: Tabitha Sizemore
osca888Photo: Tabitha Sizemore



Slamology 2015



June 12-14, XS Power will be reaching all new lows with our friends at Slamology in Indianapolis, Indiana. Held at Lucas Oil Raceway, Slamology offers show classes for Hot Rods, Imports, Low Riders, Mini Trucks, VW’s, 4×4’s, and Motorcycles.  With a HUGE display at this year’s event, XS Power staff will be available to answer questions, and share our years of experience in the electrical field.  Team XS Power members will also be on hand to show off the real power and unreal performance of XS Power in their custom builds.





For more show information, or to register your vehicle, check out  Come see us at Slamology 2015 and be sure the follow XS Power on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Tag us at #xspower.

Hot Rod Power Tour

The 21st Hot Rod Power Tour has come and gone and there is no other event quite like the Hot Rod Power Tour.  Spanning over 1,000 miles, the Power Tour has 7 shows, in 7 different cities, in 7 days!  Starting in Madison, Wisconsin, over 5,000 cars showed up to kick off the tour with a bang!  The sky threatened to open up at many of the stops, but didn’t really come through until Gulfport, Mississippi to slow down the fun.  A huge thanks to all the guys at Kicker, Mother’s Wax and Polish, Nate at Tremec for teaching all of us proper burnout technique, and many, many more! See you next year, and be sure to check out the more pics from the event here!

XS Power is hitting the road for the 21st Hot Rod Power Tour! This year, the world’s largest road trip starts in Madison, Wisconsin on June 6th, and winds down through the country ending in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on June 13th. XS Power will be cruising with our friends from Kicker and Mothers to join the thousands of cars and dozens of manufacturers along the 7 city tour.


What are the HOT ROD Power Tour dates and cities for 2015?
June 6 – Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wisconsin
June 7 – Parkland College, Champaign, Illinois
June 8 – Gateway Motorsports Park, Madison, Illinois (St. Louis)
June 9 – Memphis International Raceway, Memphis, Tennessee
June 10 – Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, Hoover / Birmingham, Alabama
June 11 – Centennial Plaza, Gulfport, MS
June 12 – Lamar Dixon Expo Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
June 13 – Lamar Dixon Expo Center – LONG HAULERS ONLY*
*Saturday, June 13th, is not open to the general public. The venue will only open for the Hot Rod Power Tour Long Hauler ceremony.

How do I attend as a spectator?
Spectators attend for free! Spectators must walk in. If you wish to bring a car into the Power Tour grounds, you must register. Here are the rough hours of the car show and manufacturers’ displays each day:
Saturday, June 6, Kickoff Party: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday thru Thursday: 12:00 noon to 7:00 pm
Friday, June 12: 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm

For more information on the Hot Rod Power Tour, including stops, hotels, and things to see along the way, check out



Be sure the follow XS Power on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Tag us at #xspower.



Goodguys 10th Nashville Nationals


The 10th Goodguys Nashville Nationals gets rolling this morning and after last night’s events, it’s shaping up to be another amazing show. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and checkout all of the incredible cars!

LP Field, Tennessee Titan Stadium
1 Titans Way, Nashville, TN 37213

















Venturini Motorsports

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products on the market and for choosing the best in the world to represent it. Big thanks to Tom Venturini, of Venturini Motorsports, who run XS Power batteries in all of their race cars, for updating us on their 2015 ARCA season! Here, at XS Power, we are extremely proud of the entire XS Power Team and always look forward to keeping everyone up-to-date on their accomplishments and Venturini Motorsports is the best at doing just that. Be sure to check back for more updates throughout the season. Thanks guys and good luck on the rest of your 2015 season! Check out all of the images form this season on the Venturini team page!

IMG_0409 ARCA-DAY-15

Mini Truckin’ Nationals


XS Power is thrilled to partner with the Mini Truckin’ Nationals to give away our XP750-CK auxiliary battery and install kit to one lucky participant. Trucks with bags, hydraulics, big stereos, lots of lights, or any electrical accessories need all the battery power they can get! With the XP750 battery an additional 750 amps and 22 amp hours can easily be hidden nearly anywhere!

21st Annual Southeast Mini Truckin’ Nationals is held in the beautiful Maggie Valley, North Carolina, April 25-26 2015. This is a show you do not want to miss with over 300 trucks and cars gathered in the valley. The show gives registrants and spectators the ability to check out some of the nicest and over the top vehicles from all around the southeast and surrounding states. With the “TOP 50” the “FAB 5” and the other 15 specialty awards up for grabs it is sure to bring out the best of the best. Stick around after the show for a cruise and drag session down the main streets of Maggie Valley. We choose XS Power for our rides because if you want to be the best you have to start with the best.










XS Power SuperCELL


The wait is over!  XS Power’s new SuperCELL Ultracapacitor is a 2.7 volt, 3,000 farad, 3.04 watt hour power solution you’ve been waiting for!  With over one million charge cycles, the XS Power SuperCELL is able to offer an instantaneous surge of extremely high energy and recharge quickly for continuous performance.  So, what makes the SuperCELL right for you?


Q: Where can I buy these sexy things? 

A: At the moment, loose SuperCELLs are direct to consumer only by contacting XS Power at info@xspowerbatteries or by calling 865-688-5953.  They will be available for direct purchase on our website at very soon.


Q: Why not? 

A: Ultracaps can be very dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced user.  For this reason, loose cells will be sold only to those who are pre-qualified and agree to the XS Power consent waiver.


Q: How soon can I buy them? 

A: We are accepting orders and shipping now!


Q: What are the benefits of using them? 

A: Ultracaps can help reduce the strain on your batteries, helping them last longer.  With a properly sized cap bank, you can minimize the effects of voltage loss on your electrical system and improve the overall efficiency of charge/discharge.


Q: Can I use only caps and no batteries?

A: Yes, but we do not recommend it because there are excellent benefits that both the cap and the battery can offer, so why not take advantage of both and save the most money?  After over a year and a half of testing, our recommendation is to use one ultracap bank for every 50Ah of battery capacity for burps, or one ultracap bank for every 100-120Ah for music.


Q: What is an ultracap bank? 

A: 6 cells must be used for a 12V bank (16.2V max), and 7 cells must be used for a 16V bank (18.9V max), as each cell is 2.7V each.


Q: Do we recommend these instead of batteries? 

A: No, batteries are still the simplest and most affordable way to get the power you need for most users.  However, for those who are serious about competition, ultracaps can help to increase SPL scores in short bursts or short duration.


Q: I already have some ultracaps from another company, can I use these in parallel with my other caps too?

A: Yes, but as with anything in SPL competition, the more consistency you can build into the system, the better.


Q: I’m too scared to work with raw ultracaps, will you offer anything for me in the future? 

A: Yes, the release of the XS Power SuperCell is mainly to showcase the component parts of our upcoming SuperCell Modules.  We have been working on these for nearly a year and a half, and hope to be able to have them ready for official release this summer.  The modules will be available through our normal dealer base and will be safe and easy to use for users of any experience level.



What do you do next?  Well, if you want to buy SuperCells, email us at info (at)  We will do our best to keep up with your requests.  If you don’t want SuperCells, stay tuned for other exciting new products coming along this year!


Carbon 14 – ’37 Ford Woody


Congratulations to ProRides on the Pirelli Great 8 finish at the 2015 Detroit Autorama! Each year, hundreds of the most amazing custom cars on the planet are narrowed down to an extraordinary 8 finalists, of which, the winner of the coveted, Ridler award is chosen. All of the cars in competition are amazing works of art, and those that make the final selection are truly in a league all their own. The ProRides ’37 Ford Woody “Carbon 14” brought amazing elements of both metal and woodwork to this year’s Autorama.


At ProRides, we always choose XS Power because no matter how harsh the conditions, they work, period. The array of sizes, amps, and mounting orientation fits any need we have ever encountered for a battery. Combine those qualities with the great team of people at XS and it’s a combo no competitor can beat!

Mike Terzich – Pro Rides Owner — Pittsburgh, PA.






Mike Terziche(ProRides) – Owner
Clay Cook(C. Cook Enterprises) – Overall Build, Custom Valve Covers, Air Cleaners and Logo Badges
Gary Ragle(Ragle Design) – Design, Illustration, 3D Data, Reverse-engineering and Rapid Prototyping


Advanced Plating – all custom plating
American Autowire – custom, nostalgia cloth/lacquer wiring kit
ARP – all stainless fasteners
BF Goodrich – tires
Billet Specialties – one-off Ragle Design wheels and custom billet parts
Borgeson – universal steering components
Classic Instruments – custom gauges
Cutter’s Custom Stichin’ – upholstery
Hercules Motor Car Company – woodwork
JL Audio – all audio components
Kooks Custom Headers – one off stainless headers, exhaust and mufflers
Legens Hot Rods – custom stainless grille
PPG Aerospace – desothane buffable clear top-coat for all wood
Prtech Composites – custom carbon fiber inlays and parts
Retrofit Source – hid projectors, bulbs, ballast and igniter
Ride Tech – coil overs
Roadster Shop – custom chassis featuring narrowed front and rear suspension
Roush Performance Products – 427ci, fuel-injected, 525hp, small-block Ford
Vintage Air – AC
Wilwood Brakes – 6 piston calipers with 14″ two-piece rotors
Winter Performance Products – Championship 9″ rear end
XS Power Batteries – Batteries, battery mounts, cable

Visit ProRides on Facebook