In leu of our fancy new website, we have taken our arms of communication a bit further by implementing some of the more popular social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube and the ever growing Twitter. Stalkers welcome.


Its a know fact that there are more members on Facebook than there are atoms in the universe. All the more reason to join the party, right? Right. Send us a friend request and lets share some ‘war’ stories.


What was originally used for a “what are you doing” updating service, Twitter has grown into much more and ultimately became a great tool for us to communicate with our customers. And see what were up to as we travel races and shows. So if you have any tech questions or just want share info, feel free to follow us. We’ll return the favor.


Who doesn’t like watching Youtube videos?! We’ve always have amazing machines like the 4,000hp XS Power/ ProCharger Camero, dropping by the office/shop. So be sure to check our channel hit that Subscribe button.