Thomas Lingard

“I previously had 6 group 31 batteries from another manufacturer which performed well but I heard so much about the XS Power batteries that I switched to them. At the time I could only afford 4 of them but they are performing better than the 6 of the other manufacturers batteries which is good because I prefer to demo my car as much as possible and my XS batteries are handeling that just fine.”

Thomas KingOfKPOPdemos Lingard — Las Vegas, Nevada.


Vehicle Info

2003 Mazda Protege5
AEM cold air intake
MazdaSpeed Protege exhaust
17X7 ACE Manta wheels
Tanabe 1.25″ lowering springs (front only. Rear is stock) Billten chrome tail lights shaved rear door handles


(6) XS Power XP3000 (soon to be 6)

(2) Mechman 320 amp GM 4 wire alts

XS Power dual alt VCM

(16) Ascendant Audio Arsenal series 10’s

(3) sets of Focal 165 V30

JBL/Crown A6000GTI

JL Audio 6oo/4 HD

JL Audio 300/2

Kenwood Excelon KDC-X996

All Stinger wiring


USACI – Super Mod 4000+, Street Beat 5
MECA – Radical X, Park n Pound DB5, Dueling Demos modified IASCA – IDBL Ultimate, Bass Boxing Heavyweight


2014 USACi Street Beat 5 Legal World Record

2013 MECA Arizona state finals…
BEST OF BEST OF SHOW (BOBOS), BEST OF SQL, 1st Radical X 153.2, 1st Park n Pound DB5 132.6, 1st RTA frequency, 1st SQ Extreme, 1st Extreme install, install best of show, SQL PHAT install, SPL PHAT car, Park n Pound BOS.

2013 Buffalo Wild Wings USACi 3x Grand Junction Colorado…
Loudest at show, 1st Super Mod 4000+ 156.3, 1st Street Beat 5 155.4, 1st import wagon (car show)

2013 Sin City Shakedown IASCA 2X Las Vegas Nevada…
Loudest at show, 1st IDBL Ultimate 153.7, 1st Bass Boxing Heavyweight 153.9 average 3 rounds

2013 2nd annual Dreamworks MECA 2X Tucson Arizona…
1st Radical X 154.2, 2nd Park n Pound DB5 131.7, SPL PHAT car

2013 summer Import Face Off USACi 2X Las Vegas Nevada…
1st Super Mod 4000+ 157.2, 1st Street Beat 156.4

2013 winter Import Face Off USACi 2X Las Vegas Nevada…
1st Street Beat 5 154.7

360 customs charity car show Las Vegas Nevada…
1st import 4 door

Pep Boys speed shop grand opening Las Vegas Nevada…
1st import wagon

First ever Psychlone World Champion

First ever Bass Ballin’ state champion

7 time USACi region 10 SPL points champion, 2 time SQ points champion