Sean Belanger

In thousands of hours of SPL testing with different equipment in different vehicles, XS Power has always outperformed every other battery. I never bother with anything less anymore.

Sean Belanger — Spartanburg, SC.

Vehicle Info

1990 Honda CRX


1 Sundown Audio SA8v2
1 Sundown Audio NS-1
1 Sundown Audio SAX-50.4
1 Pair Sundown Audio Neopro 6.5
1 Pair Kicker RS13 tweeters
1 XS Power S3400
1 XS Power D3100


IdBL Hatchback Stock 1


151+ dB with a single 8″ legal
154+ dB with a single 8″ outlaw

Countless 1st place finishes, many state records and champion titles since 1999 in NSPL, SLAP, IdBL, NSCSPL, and MECA.