Scottie Johnson

As a seasoned SPL competitor and team leader, I had the opportunity to build relationships with a lot of battery manufacturer’s. Through my rigorous testing, I was never able to find a power source that satisfied my needs, so I set out on a path to be able to create my own product. This lead me down a path that eventually put me at the helm at XS Power batteries. I can say with complete confidence that our products out perform anything on the market today, and I am proud to say I have been a part of it from the very beginning!

Scottie Johnson — Knoxville, TN.


Vehicle Info

1994 GMC Savannah AWD

– Converted to FWD

– Dual I-Beam Frame Supporting 16,000lbs.

– 22″ Rozzi Wheels with Dunlop Tires

– Xenon Body Kit


120 x XS Power XP1000 Batteries

12 x 12″ RE MT Subs

28 x Incriminator Audio 40.1 Amps


dB Drag Racing SS 3-4, SS5+

USACi Modified 4001+

IASCA Advanced 4

MECA M5, M6, M7


  • Multiple MECA, IASCA, USACi and dB Drag World Records and Championships
  • 1st dB Drag Super Street Vehicle ever to achieve 167+ and 168+ decibel readings
  • 1st MECA Modified Vehicle ever to achieve 170+ decibel reading
  • Featured and Interviewed in the March 05 issue of Car Audio and Electronics
  • Featured (4 pages) in the Dec. 04 issue of Southern Rides Magazine
  • 1st dB Drag Super Street 3-4 Vehicle ever to achieve 166+ decibel reading
  • 1999 MECA World Champion
  • 2000 MECA World Champion
  • 2001 MECA World Champion
  • 2002 MECA Outlaw SPL World Champion
  • 2002 MECA X Class World Champion
  • 2002 MECA Reality SPL World Champion
  • 2003 MECA World Champion
  • 2001 IASCA World Finals 2nd Place
  • 2002 IASCA World Finals 4th Place
  • 2000 USAC World Finals 6th Place
  • 2001 USAC World Finals 3rd Place
  • 2002 USAC World Finals 5th Place
  • 2003 USAC World Finals 4th Place
  • 2000 dB Drag World Finals Qualifier
  • 2001 dB Drag World Finals 7th Place
  • 2002 dB Drag World Finals 3rd Place
  • 2003 dB Drag World Finals 2nd Place (Highest SPL in Class)
  • 2001 IASCA Zone 2 Points Champion
  • 2001 USAC Mid Atlantic Points Champion
  • 2000 Whitlee World Record Holder
  • 2003 Spring Break Champion
  • 2003 Super Street 9+ World Record (164.7dB)
  • Featured in Nov. 2001 Issue of Auto Sound and Security
  • Pictured in Several Magazines such as Car Audio, AS&S, CS&P, and PA&S
  • Dec. 1999 MECA Member of the Month
  • Member of MECA Rules and Ethics Committee
  • Three separate appearances on local evening news
  • Over 24,500 Stats Page hits (dB Drag Stats)
  • (02/21/04) Current Highest Recorded Outlaw SPL Modified/Super Street Score on the new Termlab Meter (168.1dB)
  • (11/20/04) Current Super Street 5+ World Record (167.4dB)
  • (11/20/04) Current Highest Recorded Legal Certified SPL – Super Street Division (168.4dB)
  • Featured and Interviewed in the March 05 Car Audio and Electronics Magazine
  • Team featured (4 pages) in the Dec. 04 edition of Southern Rides Magazine
  • 2005 Spring Break Champion (SS 3-4, SS 5+, Meca M7, IASCA 721+)
  • 2005 World Record Holder SS 3-4 166.0dB
  • 2005 World Record Holder SS 5+ 167.4dB