Rob Hipps

Because it is the best and has tremendous support for the industry. I am also a retail store owner.

Rob Hipps — Apopka Florida.

Vehicle Info

1989 honda civic hatchback. 1.5L.


2- 18″ Incriminator Wardens
2- IA 40.1
2- IA 3.4
Singer 270A
3- D6500
2- D3100
over 150 ft stinger pro 1/0
Toolmaker battery terminals and dual inputs


Meca m3/4
Meca db5
Iasca Advanced 1
Iasca Middleweight


2013 Meca Florida State Champ m3
2014 Meca Florida State Champ m4
2014 Meca Florida State Champ db4
2014 Meca World Finals 4th Place