Am Singh (Blade Ice)

“Why hurl around extra weight on batteries that are not designed for the extreme demands expected upon them, day in day out. I demand the best, and XS Power delivers. Biggest power in any given size battery out there, PERIOD!”

Am Singh — UK, ENGLAND.

Vehicle Info

Chevy Astro (LWB) 4.3L V6.
UPTO 2012
Custom 2 tone paint (Candy Red/Mica Black) with pinstriped flames, tribal graphics.
Custom Billet wheels.
Shaved rear doors.
Billet Specialities Steering wheel
Billet collum shifter
Trenz Billet foot pedals
Custom machine Alternator bracket
Air bag support rear suspension


Pioneer P88RS-II
Apple iPod Classic (v5) 80GB
Lanzar DA-6
(2) SPL Dynamics S6004 4CH Amplifiers (mids and highs)
(12) SPL Dynamics S2000D monoblock (subs)
(4) 250wrms @ 2Ohms
(1) 2000wrms @ 1Ohms
(6) pairs of Ascendant Audio Havoc components (12 mids, 12 tweeters)
(12) Ascendant Audio 18″ Mayhem Series subs (D2)
(10) XS POWER D3100 Batteries
(3) MECHMAN 350A Alternators
(7) Second Skin Audio Damplifier Pro (147 sheets and 252sq.ft)
(4) sheets of Loudboy matting, the 4mm stuff
70m of KnuKonceptz 1/0 Fleks Power cable
10m of knuKonceptz 4AWG Fleks Power cable
120m of KnuKonceptz 8AWG Speaker cable (subs)
80m of KnuKonceptz Twisted Smoke
16AWG Speaker cable (mids and highs)
(4) KnuKonceptz KARMA SS Series 6m RCAs
(14) KnuKonceptz KARMA Series 2m RCAs
(20) KnuKonceptz KARMA Series Y-Lead
(50) 1/0 Ring terminals
(15) sheets of 8 x 4′ 1″ MDF
10ltrs of Polyureathane wood glue
10ltrs of PVA Wood glue
10x 750ml Expanding foam
2000 MDF TITE screws
20m of Box steel
40 ltrs of Resin
20m of Fibreglass matting
4 ltrs of fibreglass paste
4 ltrs of Upol body fillers
4m of Solid copper buss bars


dB Drag -Bassrace/SS5+
Never officially competed with this vehicle. Designed and built as a crowd pleaser!


161.8dB @ 28Hz (7 windshields!)