Alex Kaczor

“With no multiple alternator setups available for my vehicle, I run the best power-cells available to help supplement for a less capable charging system. That much needed voltage keeps my amps running cool and safe.”

Alex Kaczor — Northbrook, IL.

Vehicle Info

2007 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor


(4) 15″ Flatwall

(4) Team Fi 15’s


Knu Konceptz OFC

(4) Crescendo BC5500 @ .35 each Daily

(6) D3100

(1) D6500 (Front)

(1) HC2000 (will be removed soon)



Modified 4000+

SB4 Competitor


Peak scores with old Fi BTL n2’s

160.5db on music @ 40hz

159.2 on music @ 30hz

With the new team series subs in this week so far we did a 161 with no break in and cannot wait to see what it can really do at USACI State Finals. I’m striving for a USACI SB4 run over 160db I also make it a priority to attend Slamology every year!