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My name is Michael Singer and I am the primary owner and founder of Singer Alternators. I have been involved in the alternator industry for my entire life and work with a staff that has a combined experience of over 100 years.

Singer Alternators provides high output alternator options for nearly any application. We are prolific in attaining the highest possible performance for any factory alternator direct bolt in application. Whether you are running a high powered sound system or turning a wench, we have a power solution that will meet your current demands. Our primary components used for our upgrades are assembled in the United States and all of our work is backed by a lifetime warranty on any repair labor (all parts are at manufacturer cost). By contacting us if you are not sure of the proper output for your application we can assist you with determining the upgrade that is right for you. It is our mission to exceed your needs by providing a quality product and exceptional customer service.

You can visit out website at to fill out an alternator inquiry today.

We want our customers to get the most out of the alternators we build, so that’s why we exclusively recommend XS Power to our customers!

Mike Singer — Owner — Singer Alternators, Chagrin Falls, OH.