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MechMan has been shipping high output alternators to almost every continent since 1978. Originally founded from humble beginnings out of a home garage by engineer Dennis Moore, MechMan Alternators has grown into one of the leading providers of high output alternators to the automotive aftermarket. MechMan currently employs a staff comprised entirely of automotive enthusiasts, whose combined knowledge allows for a well-rounded understanding of all types of vehicle modification. MechMan alternators have been featured in numerous publications including 4 x 4, Autosound & Security, Off-Road and Truckin’.

At MechMan Alternators, we can’t take chances with our customers burning up our alts with sub-par batteries… XS Power batteries consistently provide outstanding performance and durability and maximize the output of our alternators!”

Matthew Young, Sales Manager – MechMan Alternators, Knoxville, TN.

Not only does MechMan recommend XS Power to their customers, they use our D3100 to power their alternator dyno tester, as well as for their output and ground cables on many of the alternators they produce!

MechMan also trusts XS Power to give life to all of their demo builds. Check out their 700HP 1992 Ford Mustang powered by 4 x S375’s, and their 1 with a 5.3L Chevy V8 on 42” Irok tires powered by 2 x S1400!