XS Power is proud to introduce our new operations facility in Sparks, Nevada with over 10,000 square feet of warehouse space.


With an expansive inventory and sophisticated ordering system, order shipping time for west coast and international customers is shortened by several days. Lead time will also be cut dramatically for incoming repair items for west coast customers by offering full service in Sparks, just as offered in Knoxville.




The facility is managed by long time employee Byron Young, who will continue to maintain, and grow new business in the western united states, as well as oversee all of the day to day operations of the warehouse.  “I’m excited to be spearheading this new operation.  We will be able to service our customers quicker than ever” says Young.


XS Power is pleased to offer this new and exciting opportunity to help better serve all of our customers and focus on building the best power solutions possible.

Lokar Inc.


One of our newest manufacturing partners, Lokar, is a Knoxville based manufacturer of extremely high quality shifters, pedal assemblies, throttle assemblies, and much more for hot rods, custom cars, and race cars.

IMG_0862 IMG_0860

Not only does XS Power work closely with Lokar on developing new and exciting products but we are also the battery of choice for owner Skip Walls’ personal race cars. Lokar’s slogan is “Quality…Plain & Simple”, and there’s no doubt on the quality on anything Lokar does, but Skip’s cars are anything but simple.  From the most sophisticated Racepak data systems, to the MSD Power Grid, these cars take a lot of battery power to get them down the track…XS Power is more than up to the challenge. We’re proud to be Lokar’s battery choice on these gorgeous cars, and many of their other projects and always excited to see what we can collectively come up with.


IMG_0859 IMG_0858

D4700, D4800 and D4900


The XS Power D4700, D4800, and D4900 are our direct fit, OEM replacement for most European models and are available for shipping today.

XS Power added these three models to the D Series lineup for starting and secondary power demands. By adding these three popular battery sizes to our line, we’ve greatly expanded XS Power’s direct replacement options to include many of today’s most popular customized vehicles. The D4700, D4800, and D4900 are direct fit replacement batteries for many Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Bens, GM, Jaguar, and other model vehicles.


The D4700 is a BCI Group 47 battery commonly referred to as the L2, which is a small size battery that fits many small sedans.  It’s capable of 2,900 Max Amps, and BCI rated at 745 CA.  The D4800 is a BCI Group 48 battery known as the L3, which is common for mid-size sedans and SUV’s.  It is designed to produce over 3,000 Max Amps and is BCI rated at 815 CA. The D4900 is a BCI Group 49 battery referred to as the L5 that is direct fit for many larger luxury sedans and SUV’s with excessive electronic systems. This battery is capable of 4,000 Max Amps and is BCI rated at 1075 CA.

All three of these new batteries, along with our entire product line-up for 2015, are available now. Contact your sales rep or your local dealer for for more  details.

SBN 2015

Well, Spring Break Nationals has come and gone once again, and it was amazing. Thanks to everyone who made it out!

XS Power is excited to be a part of the 28th Spring Break Nationals from March 20-23 at the Ocean Center in beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida! With SBN just a week and a half away, we are getting very excited and truly hope to see you all there!

Spring Break Nationals have long been a fantastic showcase of the best builders, installers, and manufacturers in the industry, and this year promises to be no exception. an XS Power is a proud sponsor of the Installer 5K, where dealers compete with their own custom vehicles for up to $5,000 in cash prizes. Our expert staff will be on hand to answer all battery and install questions as well as cheer on our Team XS Power competitors! Be sure to look for the XS Power Team shirts the competitors will be wearing. We’re angling for a black out this year!





Pipo2 Derek Syndila3


Don’t forget to get the official SBN 2015 T-shirt, sponsored by XSP. We look forward to see everyone in Daytona Beach!



Trusted Partnerships

With the recent addition of Mc Laren Audio and Lokar Inc. we wanted to share the full roster of our current Trusted Partners! Here, at XS Power, we are very proud of all of our marketing and manufacturing partnerships. Whether it’s being the sole trusted supplier of batteries, chargers, and accessories for a company’s demo vehicles and trade show displays, or supplying cable and components for the manufacturing of that company’s products, we take it very seriously. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products on the market and those that we partner with do as well!



IMG_0862 IMG_0860

Welcome to the family guys!

Checkout our entire line-up of Trusted Partners here.

D3400R Release

XS Power introduces the new D3400R right terminal,  group 34R style battery. Offering real power and unreal performance, the D3400R is another in the long line of OE fit batteries from XS Power. There’s a limited supply, so be sure to get your orders in early.


Weighing in at less than 48lbs, XS Power’s D3400R produces 3,300 Max Amps of current, and an incredible 1,000 cranking amps.  The D3400R is 10”L x 6.88”W x 7.63”H and a direct fit for any vehicle using a group 34R style battery.  BCI rated at 65 amp hours, the D3400R will keep the music playing, long after the party has faded.




12V BCI Group 34 AGM Battery, Max Amps 3,300A, CA: 1000 Ah: 65, 2500W / 4000W
Weight Lbs. – 46
Weight Kgs. – 20.85

Length – 10.24 in
Height – 7.2 in
Width – 6.75 in

MAX Amps – 3300
CA – 1000A
– 135min.
– 65

Click to view the entire product description, including warranty information and purchase options.


XS Power is a manufacturer and distributor in Knoxville, TN USA of high performance batteries.  They offer AGM lead acid batteries featuring lead-tin technology, as well as a complimentary line of accessories.  Please visit their website at www.4xspower.com or call 1-888-4XSPOWER for more information.

Application Types

In each newsletter we will focus on the products, the projects, the people, and the events that make XS Power the industry leader in battery and power-cell technology.

Work or play, land or sea,  DB drags or Super Comp drags, XS Power has the amperage for the highest levels of SPL and SQL competition, and the rugged, durable construction to handle the harshest environments in the world. As well, either in everyday or emergency use, passenger vehicles today are stocked with electronics and various accessories. That is why XS Power offers a variety of models to fit virtually every application.



Audio – XS Power is a world leader in AGM battery technology and has long dominated the SPL and SQL judging lanes.  With more overall titles and records than any battery and power-cell company combined, XS Power is not only the champions’ choice for record setting competition vehicles, but also for their daily drivers!  The highest instantaneous output means more max amps to prevent dimming lights and voltage loss to amplifiers.



Racing – Trusted by 400+MPH land speed champions, multi-million dollar NASCAR teams and nearly any form of drag racing or circle track racing from weekend warriors all the way up to the hardcore race addicts. Champions know that if they want to win, they have to rely on an XS Power battery to get them to the finish line!



Marine – Our new line of XP batteries are the perfect solution for the specialized supplemental power needs of the boater that spends long days on the water and need reserve capacity for lights and stereo.



Powersports – With our rugged shock and vibration resistant ABS case design, and pure lead grids for ultra-long life and reliability, our non-spill able AGM batteries are built to last.



Recreational/Commercial – Rugged, shock and vibration resistant ABS case, and extreme temperature resistant design. The auxiliary power source provided by the XP series of batteries are ideal for commercial/fleet, emergency lighting/alarms, communication systems, as well as any other uninterruptible power supply need. Unlimited production capabilities at any volume!


Incriminator Audio

I know you’ve heard us say this before, but here at XS Power, we are very proud of all of our manufacturing partnerships. Whether it’s being a trusted supplier of product for other brand’s demo vehicles and trade show displays, or supplying cable and components for the manufacturing of that company’s products, we take it very seriously. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products on the market and those that we partner with do as well! That’s why we are so proud to announce our new partnership with Incriminator Audio. They trust our XSFLEX 8AWG pure copper cable inside all of their amps. The same cable you can purchase at your local dealer! If you haven’t already, go check them out ASAP!






Mc Laren Audio

Here at XS Power, we are very proud of all of our manufacturing partnerships. Whether it’s being the sole trusted supplier of batteries, chargers, and accessories for a company’s demo vehicles and trade show displays, or supplying cable and components for the manufacturing of that company’s products, we take it very seriously. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products on the market and those that we partner with do as well! That’s why we are so proud to announce our new partnership with Mc Laren Sound Systems. If you haven’t already, go check them out ASAP!



10733812_362389750593949_5713245105977888104_o 10700238_362392983926959_5632519657939449002_o 10402637_297185533781038_7582270399404356471_n 10397042_362390860593838_2119082324977829073_o 10013007_280119235487668_249358748_n 1975128_277085432457715_563556243_n 10489863_311543782345213_3703998445232129874_n 1505428_366892350143689_7172231614928842505_n

Be sure to checkout their partners page for more information and images!

Welcome to the family guys!

Checkout our entire line-up of Trusted Partners here.

DNB Motorsports

XS Power is proud to announce the addition of David Broyles and DNB Motorsports to Team XS Power! We look forward to seeing him in action in the 2015 Season! DNB Motorsports is made up of owner, assembler and engine builder, David Broyles, crew chief and tuner, Justin Doucet, PR and marketing manager, Nicole Cox, and 15 year drag racing veteran, Mike Kovacevich. Good luck team!

DSC_4284 DSC_4098 DSC_4092



Street Outlaws


Congratulations to Chuck on his win in the Small Tire Shootout on last nights Street Outlaws.

Watch last night’s entire episode OnDemand and be sure checkout new episodes Mondays at 9/8C on Discovery!

Get the same gear the guys wear on the show at the XS Power Shop.


Here at XS Power we are very proud of our long standing partnership with Sundown Audio. Sundown Audio was founded in January of 2006 in order to produce the finest car audio amplifiers available to the market at a reasonable cost. We believe in making well-built products designed to handle whatever you want to throw at them, without any features or gimmicks thrown in without any real benefit to performance. At Sundown Audio we have one goal in mind, and that is total customer satisfaction. Sundown Audio only builds and sells products that meet our exacting standards for quality. Our products are all built to last and to be something you can be proud to own for years to come.

Be sure to check out their XSP Team page here!

10911512_760893247299482_8371369880942861600_o 10842047_760893710632769_1526685835683327739_o 10865860_760893573966116_6971056613814001167_o

10371181_746686178720189_5442441059922401002_o 10828104_747306781991462_3441828370018006026_o 10847523_745140365541437_4479061923501025612_o 10482047_679732635427588_1774293043743966333_o 10855087_905672262776210_956096199730425980_o IMG_0966 IMG_0967

Honda Canada X PASMAG Re-FIT

Checkout the new Honda Canada X PAS Mag project car, powered by an XS Power S975! It’s always incredible to work with PAS Mag on any project, but this FIT is pretty amazing. The Re-FIT just arrived safely in Montreal today for the 2015 Salon De L’Auto (Montreal Auto Show)! !

PASMAG_Honda_Canada_2015_Fit_ReFIT_Brochure PASMAG_PAS_2015_Honda_Canada_Fit_ReFit_pasedition_Chemical_Guys_Montreal_Auto_Show_Delivery


Honda Canada provided PAS with a 2015 Honda Fit EX to show what is capable with this economy platform that’s been embraced by the automotive aftermarket. To make it their own, they tackled this project with a JDM and B-spec racing inspiration.

PASMAG_PAS_2015_Honda_Canada_Fit_ReFit_pasedition_Chemical_Guys_Montreal_Auto_Show_Delivery_FrontPASMAG_PAS_2015_Honda_Canada_Fit_ReFit_pasedition_Chemical_Guys_Defcon_GTAwrapz_Corbeau_TakataPASMAG_PAS_2015_Honda_Canada_Fit_ReFit_pasedition_Chemical_Guys_Defcon_GTAwrapz_Bisimoto_Pulse_Chamber_Tein_Suspension      PASMAG_PAS_2015_Honda_Canada_Fit_ReFit_pasedition_Chemical_Guys_Montreal_Auto_Show_Delivery_Passenger_Close-Up PASMAG_PAS_2015_Honda_Canada_Fit_ReFit_pasedition_Chemical_Guys_Montreal_Auto_Show_Delivery_RearPASMAG_PAS_2015_Honda_Canada_Fit_ReFit_pasedition_Chemical_Guys_Defcon_GTAwrapz_Detailing

Stop by the Honda Canada booth to see the PASMAG Re-FIT in person! Specs, Gallery and Event Tour Dates at http://refit.pasmag.com


All images and excerpts provided by http://blogs.pasmag.com/

Wet Sounds

XS Power is extremely proud of our partnership with Wet Sounds. They create the most amazing demo vehicles and are always powered by XSP!

Checkout their Trusted Partners page to see a few of their builds here!

Be sure to checkout their entire line of products at wetsounds.com



Wet Sounds uses XS Power in all their Demo boats, and offer extended warranty on their products when their customers choose XS Power.









CES 2015


Well CES 2015 has come and gone and it was amazing again this year! Thanks

to everyone we met, and those able to make it by the booth. We had a great

time. See you next year.


DAY 4:

Day 4 is starting shortly and we can’t wait to get rolling!


Just few more really impressive showings from yesterday before we get today



DAY 3:

Day 3 is up and running! You can really see just about everything here at CES 2015.

Oh yeah, and this is happening a lot.


Never really get tired of seeing the models, I must say.


Apparently Panasonic are giving out free hair cuts?!?


There are also an awful lot of these everywhere!




And these!



And of course a ton of these, but there is only “World’s Largest”. Watch out for

the phone case guys, they are also everywhere.


And there’s even Super Heros!


DAY 2:

Nikon was also very impressive with their 360 Project!




Kicker always make an impressive showing and this year is no different. The

bass table/ping pong is both fun and impressive. As always, Kicker displays

and demo vehicles are powered by XS Power.




Day is already impressive! #paperthin #4K #CurvedScreens




DAY 1:

Day one is in the books, and it was amazing! Hoping day 2 is as great.


The new booth really came together!


There is always so much amazing automotive, electronic and tech innovations

to see at CES, and 2015 is no different!




Chris even had a few minutes to get out of the booth to get a glimpse of

everything CES 2015.


Oh yeah, and Ally is here!



Just a little clean up final setup before the doors open.


It looks like there will be plenty of eye candy again this year! Just one quick peek!




Hello Vegas! Only one day left until CES 2015 starts!




Don’t forget, if you’re here, stop by to see what we have coming in 2015!



And Ally!!!


Plus, look what we saw on the way in from the parking lot this morning!



Hair Trick Tuesdays!


#HairTrickTuesday is a new, once a week thing we’ll be posting for the next little while! If you have good pics you’d like to submit, please do and be sure to include #HairTrickTuesday in the subject line. Who knows, it might get you some XS Power gear!


#HairTrickTuesday! Trinidad and Tobago is representing! Team XS Power member Fawwaz Ali comes though with the major trick video!

Be sure to check out Fawwaz’s team page at here.










Team-XSP-Jon-Rabe-Marissa Copeland-HairTrick Team-XSP-Jon-Rabe-Marissa Copeland-HairTrick3 Team-XSP-Jon-Rabe-Marissa Copeland-HairTrick10 Team-XSP-Jon-Rabe-Marissa Copeland-HairTrick1







PRI 2014



We’ve wrapped another great PRI Show and made it home. Big thanks to everyone that stopped by and helped to make this year’s show a huge success.








Day 1 is in the books and was a blast(so was last night) and day 2 is underway! If you’re here, stop by booth #3621 in the Yellow Hall.








Today is PRI 2014 opening day, come by and see what XS Power has going on for 2015 and beyond.



Hello Indianapolis! We made it and the show starts tomorrow.


On the road to PRI 2014. The show starts Thursday, see you there!


That’s right, PRI 2014 is almost here! If you’re not already planning on being there, and you’re in the Indianapolis area next week, stop by and see what we’ve been up to all year, all that we have new for 2015 and even take a look at what our Trusted Partners have been up to as well. Be sure to check back throughout the week for updates and special. See you there!




Polaris RZR build by MTX


Check out the latest Polaris RZR build by MTX powered by XS Power! Since 2005, MTX has entrusted XS Power batteries in all of their SEMA and CES product demo vehicles. Be sure to check out the rest of the MTX builds on their team page here or all of the MTX builds here.




SEMA 2014


We’ve wrapped another one, and SEMA 2014 was a huge success and an incredible experience. XS Power and Street Outlaws would like to thank you for being a part of it.


We debuted our new booth and some new products…


Had Ally on hand signing posters…


And these guys even showed up from time to time!



The fourth and final day of SEMA 2014 is upon us and it’s been amazing again this year. Today is also the last day to enter for your chance to win one of our new XS Power T’s


Be sure to stop by the booth this afternoon to meet, get yourself an autograph and maybe even a picture with the guys from Discovery Channel’s STREET OUTLAWS! Check back shortly for more updates and tons of photos.


Day 3 of SEMA 2014 is under way and just in case you’re not able to make it to the show to see what’s new for 2015, here’s a peek at one of our new product offerings for 2015! And don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a new XS Power T!


Day 2 of SEMA 2014 is just about ready to kick off and we’re already getting winning entries for our new XS Power T’s give away! Be sure to enter for your chance to win!


Well, SEMA 2014 is fast underway and it’s already turning out to be amazing again this year! We will be posting live from the show, so check back through the week. If you’re in the Vegas area or already here at SEMA, come by and say hi and grab some freebies!


Don’t forget to enter to win an XS Power t-shirt. We will be giving shirts away everyday this week, starting today!


So, SEMA 2014 is almost upon us again and we are excited to announce that we are wildly expanding the XS Power experience for this year’s show! Come by and see what’s new for 2015 and beyond in the North Hall, booth #11633. Check back for updates throughout the show.

Venturini Motorsports Back-To-Back Wins!

Summer is heating up for Venturini Motorsports!  The team recently earned back-to-back victories at Springfield and Madison bringing their season win total to four!




Taking advantage of a good racecar and some misfortune of others, Justin Boston drove the Venturini Motorsports No. 25 ZLOOP/JACO Environmental Toyota to his second victory of the 2014 ARCA Racing Series season in the Herr’s Live Life with Flavor 200 at Madison International Speedway on August 24th. – See more at: venturinimotorsports.com





Back on August 17th, Kevin Swindell, driving the No.15 Zaxby’s Toyota for Venturini Motorsports in a substitution role for driver John Wes Townley, made the most of his opportunity Sunday afternoon with a thrilling late race surge to come from behind and win the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards – Central Illinois SuperChevyStores.com 100 at the Springfield dirt-mile. – See more at: venturinimotorsports.com

XSP APP Update


Be sure that you have the most up-to-date version of our Fitment/Dealer Locator App! If you are not sure or you would like to download it and get started, go to either Google Play or iTunes to check it out.

The XS Power Battery Search app allows you to quickly determine the right XS Power battery for your vehicle, then to find the closest dealer. The Battery Search allows you to select your vehicle’s Year, Make, Model, and Engine size to determine the battery which is the best fit.


App-Apple App-Andr


PRI 2013


2013 PRI Show was a huge success and a ton of fun! We were lucky to have the

guys from Street Outlaws in our booth signing autographs.





We also had a couple of the cars from the show in the booth this year. Big

Chief’s GTO and Chuck’s Mustang!





Check out a few of the rides that are XS Powered.





Not to mention, we got to see this!

CES 2014


The 2014 CES Show was huge a ton of fun and a huge success!


We’ve come to the final day of the 2014 CES Show. It’s been an awesome show!


As promised, here is some more of the HOTNESS(not cell phone cases) that

we saw at CES this year, including a few truly impressive booths!







We really need one of these for the office!


HOTNESS like this!







And THIS!!!




CES just got started today and we’re already amazed(not just by the cell phone

cases). Check out a few of the rides that are XS Powered.


Comeback throughout the week to see more from CES 2014!

SEMA 2013


I know we’re a little late posting about our great time at SEMA 2013, but I’ll

try to catch you up!


After getting setup we had a little while to check out all the other booths and

look who we ran into.




We had our new XP750-CK and PSC60 unit on display in the Mobile

Electronics Product display cases.



We ran into the guys from Wet Sounds and had the chance to see all of the

awesome rides they brought to the show.





And, of course we brought Ally to sign autographs…


and Lane!

Jeg Coughlin Jr. Wins Fifth Title!


JEGS Performance and XS Power holding the trophy at the end of the day yet

again! Congrats to Jeg Coughlin, Jr. and the entire JEGS crew for winning

their fifth Pro Stock title Sunday in the Auto Club NHRA Finals.


JEGS.com/Mopar Dodge driver Jeg Coughlin Jr.won his fifth Pro Stock title Sunday in the Auto Club NHRA Finals, joining John Force, Shawn Langdon and Matt Smith as season champions. Coughlin, a four-time event winner this season in his Dodge Avenger, took the title at historic Auto Club Raceway at Pomona when his only remaining challenger, Jason Line, lost in the second round of eliminations.

“In this day and age, it is so tough to win out here,” said Coughlin, from Columbus, Ohio. “We’ve seen a lot of races won and lost by just a few thousands of a second. I think this is one of the tightest, and one of the most intense championships I’ve ever won. This ranks right up there with 2007 when we had the two cuts to the Countdown to One in the first year of our playoffs.” Coughlin is the eighth driver in NHRA history to win five pro series championships. He also won a Super Gas title in the NHRA Lucas Oil Series in 1992.