Application Types

In each newsletter we will focus on the products, the projects, the people, and the events that make XS Power the industry leader in battery and power-cell technology.

Work or play, land or sea,  DB drags or Super Comp drags, XS Power has the amperage for the highest levels of SPL and SQL competition, and the rugged, durable construction to handle the harshest environments in the world. As well, either in everyday or emergency use, passenger vehicles today are stocked with electronics and various accessories. That is why XS Power offers a variety of models to fit virtually every application.



Audio – XS Power is a world leader in AGM battery technology and has long dominated the SPL and SQL judging lanes.  With more overall titles and records than any battery and power-cell company combined, XS Power is not only the champions’ choice for record setting competition vehicles, but also for their daily drivers!  The highest instantaneous output means more max amps to prevent dimming lights and voltage loss to amplifiers.



Racing – Trusted by 400+MPH land speed champions, multi-million dollar NASCAR teams and nearly any form of drag racing or circle track racing from weekend warriors all the way up to the hardcore race addicts. Champions know that if they want to win, they have to rely on an XS Power battery to get them to the finish line!



Marine – Our new line of XP batteries are the perfect solution for the specialized supplemental power needs of the boater that spends long days on the water and need reserve capacity for lights and stereo.



Powersports – With our rugged shock and vibration resistant ABS case design, and pure lead grids for ultra-long life and reliability, our non-spill able AGM batteries are built to last.



Recreational/Commercial – Rugged, shock and vibration resistant ABS case, and extreme temperature resistant design. The auxiliary power source provided by the XP series of batteries are ideal for commercial/fleet, emergency lighting/alarms, communication systems, as well as any other uninterruptible power supply need. Unlimited production capabilities at any volume!